Contest: Win 3 tickets for DefCamp 2014!

DefCamp5From the 25th to 29th of November at the Crystal Palace Ballroom, Bucharest, the Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR organizes one of the most mesmerizing events in Central and Eastern Europe, the security & infosec conference,DefCamp!

Now in its fifth edition, the event continues to highlight the effervescent debates about sensitive issues of cyber security and through international competition – D-CTF. Romanian and foreign speakers will present the latest news about cyber security, cyber warfare, mechanisms to identify and prevent cyber attacks and new vulnerabilities and problems met, coupled with evening sessions where they will present specific case studies.

In collaboration with the organizers, we offer the chance to win 3 free tickets to take part in this unique event. How can you win? Details at the end of the article.

DefCamp 2014 is by far the largest event in the field of computer security & hacking in Romania, but also one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, and are expected in the capital over 600 participants from Romania and neighboring countries, participants with levels varied experience – from students and pupils to industry leaders, opinion makers and experts in cyber security and research.

Among the confirmed speakers include Mika Lauhde Vice President @ Government Relations and Business Development – SSH Communication Security and Paul de Souza, Director @ Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) – the two keynotes, supported by Selene Giupponi, Head of Digital Forensics Unit @ The Security Brokers, Paolo “ASPY” Giardini, Director @ OPSI, Roger W. Kuhhn JR. – CSFI Advisory Board Director, Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa President @ The Security Brokers.

The event this fall is certainly expected by many Romanian and beyond; research and issues identified during the year related to the virtual environment will be discussed by leaders in the field both in Europe and the USA. We estimate that this year we will have the highest density of computer security specialists per square meter in the last 5 years. Activities, experiences and the DefCamp community managed to grow each year’s event.“Said Andrei Avadanei, founder and coordinator (a.k.a. The Godfather) of the DefCamp conferences.

In a new turn of events, the conference will be preceded this year by training’s. Together with Cyber Security Forum Initiative, the largest organization of IT security experts from the USA with over 50,000 members, we bring for the first time in Central and Eastern Europe training that strengthens your core principles to plan and execute operations in cyberspace – Cyber Warfare Operations & Design. This is reinforced by two other workshops organized in partnership with Security Brokers Academy: Digital Forensics – gives an overview of the techniques used when extracting information or analysis of digital media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) – the courses goal is to provide information about what intelligence analysis means focusing on open source analysis coupled with practical utility.

Among the important activities this year include:

DefCamp always encouraged university and high school students to take part, to know the international IT security aspect as well and find new ways to put into practice all the knowledge acquired so far.

And this year, like any other year, students receive 50% off the ticket price.

It’s the perfect time to go and you connect with peers around the word! For more details you can use the event website ( or send an email at contact [at]

To win one of 3 free tickets to DefCamp 2014 all you have to do is to give us a reason  to give you the ticket in the first place by answering to the following question: why you want to take part in this event in the first place? Or if you a veteran of DefCamp what is your impression so far?

Waiting for your comments until November 27th, 12:00 pm (UTC) Prizes are awarded by drawing lots. Attempted fraud will be penalized.


Update 1 @ November 24th 2014 18:00 UTC: Make sure you use valid email addresses as these are going to be used in sending the registration information to the winners! The winners will be announced on November 27th at 15:00 UTC and will be contacted within 1 our of the announcement.

Update 2 @ November 25th 2014 10:00 UTC: After a short discussion with the team behind DefCamp, (un)fortunately the contest will end on November 26th 12:00 UTC because of time frame issues. The winners will be contacted between 12:oo UTC and 14:00 UTC for confirmation of data and other information (first and last name – necessary for confirmation of ticket and a confirmation of email address were the ticket will be sent). Try and confirm the data until 15:30 UTC. If you don’t confirm by then, the ticket is not going to be validated and we’ll consider that you forfeited your ticket! The winners will be announced in a last update at 18:00 UTC.

Update 3 @ November 26th 2014 12:00 pm UTC: The contest is over! Thank you all for participating and stay tuned to find out who own! :)

Update 4 @ November 26th 2014 12:30 pm UTCWe have the list of winners! Each winner will be contacted in the next hour to confirm the details of the ticket! The winners list will be made public (except any other private details, other then those found on this page) in a short while.

Update 5 @ November 26th 2014 13:20 pm UTC: We’ve sent out emails to the winners!Please check your inboxes (and spams) folders! :)

Last update @ November 26th 2014 15:30 UTC:

In order to be more transparent, was used to extract the winners of this contest.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…the winners are!

drum roll [^_^]

Victor Dodon

And surprise!

Also two extra tickets have been issued to Kristo and Rotariu Dan-Andrei.
The two extra tickets were awarded based on the comments (reasoning) of the participants of this contest.
Unfortunately Kristo was unable to confirm his details and participation therefore, as mentioned before, he forfeited his ticket.
No other extraction will be made for the extra ticket we have due to the short time frame left available for us.

Congratulations once again to all of the participants and be sure to check back for more news, trends, posts and contests! :)

We wish you a eventful conference @DefCamp2014!

14 thoughts on “Contest: Win 3 tickets for DefCamp 2014!

  1. why you want to take part in this event in the first place?
    I have been passionate about security in my younger days but as the choirs of a dev keep me busy and managers don’t put that much time planning security related issues I’ve slowly been loosing touch with this aspect of the thug..umm, i mean, dev life. It would be a good opportunity to get me back on track and get excited about security again.

  2. I’m a student from Albania studing computer science here in Bucharest, and we don’t have this kind of eveniments in Albania :(, I would really like to participate to DefCamp and it will be my frist time 😀

  3. Q: why you want to take part in this event in the first place?
    A: I would like to take part in this event because I recently started to be very interested in this field, (I have been part of the Security Summer School workshop @ Politehnica University from Bucharest) as we live in an era where the biggest concern is not the functionality, but the security. I work at startup that works with sensitive data and I would be very happy to get informed about the possible pitfalls and risks and to extend my knowledge in this area. Also I think it would be a great opportunity to meet interesting and highly valuable people.

  4. Q: Why you want to take part in this event in the first place?

    I want to take part in this event because first of all I want to see how grandious is this time, and in the second place to be able to see again the DefCamp veterans and friends that I have made during the conferences from 5 years till now. Oh.. and another thing 😀 hoping that together with some of the friends there we party during the night and singing and drinking like we used to do, and sober in the morning after attend to the conference and getting more energy from the presentations and learning new stuff.

    P.S. Hope that i won;t find my way on the wall of sheep

    Q: Or if you a veteran of DefCamp what is your impression so far?

    I am a veteran of course. I have watched DefCamp grow from a little gathering in the mountains where we had loads of fun and learned some great stuff. Then I helped organise the second event and of course I held a presentation at the third. Watching it grow before my eyes it is very exciting. Also while not being able to attend to last years conference and reading about it and found out from my friends there that it had a large audience and new enthusiasts that want to attend in presenting at this growing event gives me the thrills.

  5. I’d go to Defcamp in order to attend as many conferences as I can, especially ‘Security Nightmares for Journalists’ and ‘Cognitive Bias and Critical Thinking in OSINT’ and, obviously, to meet new and interesting people 🙂

  6. I would really like to participate to DefCamp again this year. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of other expenses beside the ticket (since I am not from Bucharest), so in the first place, getting a free invitation will help me a lot (and will most likely decide whether or not I’ll attend this year’s edition… I’m that cheap). Last year’s presentations were great – DefCamp 2013 was the only edition I attended so far. One thing I would like to mention is the quality of the speakers. Beside their incredible knowledge they were really friendly; I would like to salute Robert Rakete from Cyberghost with this occasion for his topic on NSA, but also for being kind enough to give me a thought about my opinion in private.

    I wouldn’t dive into the presentations too much, they were all well presented and I am sure this year we can expect even more.

    In the end, good luck to every participant of this contest and maybe… see you at DefCamp. 🙂

    • Hi Andrei,

      Thank you for posting the comment.
      As you already know the conference starts on November 27th and the tickets will be handed the day before the conference…that’s cutting it kinda close. I would sugest you make all the necessary arrangements by the end of this contest…who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners.

    • Apparently I am not so great on leaving replies in the comment section.
      //The reply I left to Diana instead of Bogdan.

    • Thank you for your fast reply, Bogdan.

      I acknowledged your post and I will schedule my program that way I will be in Bucharest during this period. It wouldn’t be so tragic if I will not win in the end, cause the capital of our country has a lot of other attractions also, so no pressure on you awarding the winners :D. I appreciate your answer. Have a good evening!

  7. What I think about DefCamp?
    It is one of the most exciting event and each year the discussion evolves
    and even you can learn many things, each speaker is different and not all at once do not get bored, discussions are very technical and it helps a lot.
    I’m sure this year will exceed them.

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