How to create your own cloud with Linux

Apple created a lot of buzz when it announced its iCloud service on October 12, 2011. It’s designed to enable users to store content so it’s accessible from all of their devices.

Guess what? With Linux you can do it better. Continue reading

Can Data Be Recovered From A Failed SSD?

When they originally began to hit the market, solid state drives were hailed for both speed and reliability. Many users assumed that because an SSD has no mechanical parts it is at less risk to fail. It’s simple logic that is correct more often than wrong – if there are fewer parts to break overall reliability will be better. Continue reading

How To To Run Android Apps On Mac OS X

With cellphones and tablets gaining in processing power, we are seeing a slow but steady convergence of mobile and desktop computing. Usually, this means you get to enjoy software similar to desktop applications on your mobile, but the reverse is possible as well – using mobile software on your home computer. With close to half a million applications in the Google Play store, there are bound to be a number of apps to complement your desktop computing experience. Continue reading