What are some of the biggest software patching myths? or “I wont update my Windows…it take to long to do this!”

Desktop patch management is subject to its share of myths. I’m going to clear the fog around waiting on software patching and Windows XP security. Continue reading

Windows Security Update Causing System Crash

A recent security bulletin released by Microsoft as part of the August 2014 Patch Tuesday can lead to a crash on some systems, the company said in a knowledge base article.

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Zeus P2P receives a critical (?) update from it’s creators

P2P Zeus, a.k.a. Zbot, has evolved into a powerful bot since its discovery in 2007 and now it’s capable of stealing infected hosts’ banking information, installation of other malware, and other cybercrime-related behavior.

Currently, P2P Zeus supports both the UDP and TCP protocols for its various communication tasks including peer list exchange, command-and-control (C&C) server registration, and malware binary updates.

Early this month, P2P Zeus has put up a critical update to its P2P botnet. Continue reading